NeoscreenTM from Immunitrack is a world leading platform technology for study of Major Histocompatibility Complex class I and class II (MHCI&II) interaction with epitopes of interest. The specificity of the adaptive immune system is determined by epitopes displayed by MHC on somatic and antigen presenting cells surface.

What we offer:


  • Reliable assessment of epitope binding to MHC I & MHC II, reducing inaccuracies and false positives by combining affinity and stability assessment of MHC-epitope.
  • Unique capabilities for immunogenicity screening and robust reagents in the MHC II field – up to 80% of relevant neo-epitopes from cancer may be presented by MHCII (Nature. 2015 Jul 16;523(7560):370).
  • Large and expanding portfolio of MHC I & II alleles for mouse and human.
  • In vitro assay capabilities on thousands of epitopes.
  • Production capabilities of hundreds of biotinylated MHC-epitope complexes for T cell population studies.



Combination of affinity and stability assays for isolating epitopes that elicit CD4+ specific T cells
Affinity and stability analysis of CMV derived peptides. Most high affinity peptides (Kd<100nM) are relatively unstable. True T cell epitopes were confirmed by ELISPOT and MHC II Tetramer analysis are marked with red circles.

Epitopes from viruses, bacteria, but also from biologics, vaccines and cancer, may be presented by MHC class I (for somatic cells) and MHCII (for antigen presenting cells)


Areas of application:

  • Vaccines: Development of new potent vaccines.
  • Immuno-oncology: Neo-epitope selection for personalized cancer vaccine, screening for new cancer specific epitopes.
  • Biologics: develop biologics that are tolerized by cohorts of patients.
  • Biomarker: customized MHC-epitope complexes to monitor specific T cell populations in patients or mice.

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