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Our products and services include:

- MHCI affinity and stability assays.

- Customized biotinylated MHCI/peptide complexes.

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MHC I affinity and stability assays

Computational methods to identify MHC binding peptides exist, they do however tend to be imprecise and over-predictive. Immunitrack offers state of the art peptide MHC affinity measurements by very sensitive assays. The assays use nanomolar concentration of MHC I and measure the direct binding of peptide to MHC . The assays have been validated in several NIH funded projects and peer reviewed articles and account for more than 100.000 Kd measurements in the Immune Epitope Database (IEDB). It was shown that stability is a better indicator of immunogenicity than affinity (Eur J Immunol. 2012 Jun;42(6):1405-16). Our stability assay measures the decay of MHC I complexes at physiological temperature enabling precise half-life determinations. All assays are amendable for HTS screening and do not require any modifications of peptide.

Affinity measurements of 4 tumor antigen peptides, MART-1 WT (Kd~23nM) binds nearly 10 times weaker than the A27L mutant (Kd~2 nM). Stability assessment of the two MART-1 variants shows an increased stability of the A27L variant compared to WT (Half-lives: 8 and 2 Hrs respectively).



Biotinylated MHC I complexes

Our biotinylated MHC I complexes have been used as tetramer reagents as well as for the stimulation of CD8 T cells in several publications. Please contact us for further information or a quote.


B*0801 Tetramer staining of two CD8 T cells specific for peptides derived from HCMV Protein IE1. Adapted from: PlosOne April 2014, Volume 9,Issue 4,e94892 Identification and HLA-Tetramer-Validation of Human CD4+ and CD8+ T Cell Responses against HCMV Proteins IE1 and IE2


Alleles available

List of currently available MHC


Human Murine
A*01:01 B*07:02 C*04:01 Db
A*02:01 B*08:01 C*07:01 Kd 
A*02:01 B*14:02 C*07:02 Ld
A*02:06 B*15:01 Dd 
A*02:07 B*18:01
A*03:01 B*35:01
A*11:01 B*42:02
A*24:02 B*44:03
A*23:01 B*52:01

MHCI alleles not present on the list may be synthesized and produced upon request. 


Publications where the MHCI were used

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